The purpose of the European Melanchthon Academy Bretten is the investigation and documentation of the influences and significance of the Bretten-born Reformer and polymath Philipp Melanchthon (1497-1560). As one of the most prominent figures of the sixteenth century, he has left traces behind in all of Europe - from Iceland to Transylvania, from the Iberian peninsula to Scandinavia. Melanchthon is valued as a mediating theologian between the Lutheran, Reformed, and Catholic confessions.
With good reasons earlier Melanchthon research has repeatedly affirmed his role as an “Ecumenist of the Reformation Age.”
The Melanchthon Academy therefore pursues a pan-European ecumenical perspective, with the goal of advancing dialog among confessions and religions.
The first Academy project, Philipp Melanchthons ökumenische Bedeutung in Geschichte und Gegen - wart (Philipp Melanchthon’s Ecumenical Signi - ficance, Past and Present) was completed in 2004. It was supported by the Baden-Württemberg State Foundation.

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The Work Program

The work program of the Academy (which is connected via a cooperation agreement with the Free University of Berlin and its Inter - disciplinary Center of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Early Modern Period) includes the historical-critical investigation of Melanchthon’s intellectual, spiritual, and cultural heritage for today’s Europe. Alongside Reformation and religious history, this also includes research into the history of politics, ethics, and education, together with the history of interconfessional and interreligious dialog in the early modern period.
The work of the Academy is supported by the Protestant Church in Baden.
The focus of the academic work at the European Melanchthon Academy links with the present by investigating and clarifying diverse references in the intellectual and cultural topics of the early modern period to the theme of “Diversity and Unity” in the “House of Europe.”

In addition to foundational historical and systematic research, the purpose of the Academy also includes cultural events, educational events and workshops, and European meetings.
From a scholarly perspective, the need for such a European Melanchthon Academy is beyond dispute. Recent research especially shows, time and again, that a proper appraisal of Philipp Melanchthon is only  ossible from a comprehensively European perspective. The humanist and Reformer, who, as a renewer of education and religion - as well as its international network - belongs to a preeminent historical rank.
He was a mediator theologian with ecumenical concerns. His enormous correspondence had considerable influence on the areas of church, politics, and education, and has promoted the humanist idea of the "House of Europe".

Friends and Sponsors
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You can actively support the work of the European Melanchthon Academy Bretten by becoming a member of the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the European Melanchthon Academy. An enrollment declaration can be found on our web site (in German) under the heading of Akademie, and the subheading of Förderverein. Click the link near the bottom of the page marked Beitrittserklärung. You can also support our work through a donation.
Please complete an electronic transfer of the desired amount to the Supporters’ Association Account, with the following bank details:

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The Association pursues the goal of scholarly research and the teaching of Melanchthon’s importance for the Reformation and for today at the European Melanchthon Academy Bretten. Its goal is the direct and exclusive support of the EMA, and to make its work known to the public.
This purpose of the Association will be implemented through academic conferences, symposia, and other educational activities along with scholarly publications - either alone, or carried out in cooperation with other non-profit entities or associations.


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